Electronics - Value Recovery

Handling IT equipment takes a lot of time and energy from big companies, particularly when it becomes old and needs replacing. Information safety is also an important factor as the equipment may contain unique and in some cases sensitive data about the company that needs to be handled with great care. In addition, there is a considerable sustainability factor in recycling equipment and giving it new life on the second hand market.
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Elanders Group handles annually about 30,000 disposed units such as computers and printers representing a resale value of over MEUR 2 for an individual customer.

Elanders Group has signed an agreement with an international company to handle parts of the life cycle for superannuated IT equipment. The agreement comprises portable and stationary computers, screens, printers and accessories. Superannuated equipment is collected at the different offices and locations of the customer all over Germany and then every unit is sorted and cleaned.

All information in the computer systems is completely erased using certified software, a service based on profound trust between the customer and Elanders Group. Those parts that are up for destruction are sent to recycling.

All restored and reset equipment is packaged and categorized based on manufacturer, type, generation and condition. After that all restored units are sold using an authorized auction firm. In addition to the large savings from not having to handle the superannuated equipment the customer annually receives the lion’s share of the resale value for around 30,000 units.

This amounts to a little over MEUR 2 per year. With its well-functioning process and necessary infrastructure for handling and warehousing along with well-developed routines and partnerships with external players, Value Recovery can easily be fitted to new customers.