Is it time to change your 3PL provider?

What to look out for?

With so many options to choose from it can be hard to know where to begin when partnering with a 3PL provider. Whether you are looking for individual services or an all-around solution, you should consider the following things.

Depending on your industry it is important to look for a 3PL service provider that fits well with your business’s operations, growth plans and customer service culture.  They should be able to provide their expertise and knowledge to create the best benefit for your business. If the company possesses these traits, you will have valuable insight into the kind of company you will be dealing with and whether they can handle your logistics and growth as a business.

As your business continues to grow, it is important to make your operations as efficient as possible while having a flexible partner to withstand increased demands and support you as you scale your business. Experienced providers with similar core values, goals and a proven track record will also prove that they can drive results while developing both their and your business’s culture to meet the standards of today’s modern manufacturing and consumer demand.

A great 3PL partner has an extensive network and ensures seamless distribution in regional and global areas, they can match and understand the level of service you want to provide and prioritise your customer service.


Know when it’s time to switch 3PL

Not delivering on set promises

If your current 3PL provider doesn’t have the accurate inventory, shipment or orders, you will disappoint customers and lose money on returns. This could harm your company’s reputation as you are not delivering on your set promises. It’s time to question if this provider will give you the opportunity for your business to grow. Consider a partner with ample warehousing space for your demands and can process your products effortlessly.

Outgrowing your 3PL

The progression and growth of your business make fulfilling orders more expensive. Outgrowing your 3PL provider makes it difficult to deliver to the standards you want your business to live up to, ultimately lowering your customer satisfaction. If they can’t keep up with your demands and haven’t made any improvements to fix this, they are a reactive company. Using a solution with a proactive company that will provide you with all services included, will save your business time and money.

Want to extend your business globally

If you are wanting to move your business globally and your provider only has facilities within the UK, it is creating a limitation to optimise your business to its full potential. It is best to choose a provider that has facilities across the globe and is experienced with international trade and regulations and also importing and exporting goods.

Not getting your money’s worth

If you are paying for premium pricing for fulfilment and the company isn’t providing the support and customer experience you thought you would get, then you aren’t getting your money’s worth. You need to consider a 3PL provider that you can greatly benefit from and use operations out of multiple locations reducing travel costs.


What will you receive from Elanders?

Investing in a 3PL partnership with Elanders saves your business time and money. Our 3PL services eliminate the cost of renting separate warehousing space and paying for operations, labour and the technology used to operate your business.

Elanders has bonded warehousing space and software which allows you to oversee every detail of your business’s journey within our facilities. This will remove previous time your business has contributed to packing boxes and building fulfilment infrastructure. This allows more time to focus on your customer’s satisfaction, product development and maximising your profitability as a business.

Our 3PL services are as easy as it gets. We have highly trained, specialised staff with the technical resources to drive your business’s success. We deliver fully integrated and unique end-to-end supply chain solutions which allow you to have greater control over your logistics and improve supply chain efficiency and optimisation.

Using Elanders will alleviate stress and simplify your operations. We store, transport, and manage all of your processes within our supply chain management facilities. Our locations are conveniently situated across the UK allowing seamless distribution across the country. You are trusting us with your business and products, and in return, you will have your own friendly account manager who can answer any fulfilment queries and be there for your business every step of the way.

We can deliver directly to consumers or businesses and pride ourselves in our fulfilment services. Our cutting-edge technology and global presence let you as a customer see orders in real-time no matter the time zone. Transparency across the supply chain enables huge cost savings and provides you with data to improve your customer’s experience. We are partnered with a returns management system giving you insights and analytics into consumer purchasing behaviour and trends allowing you to create targeted marketing and increase profitability.

Our onboarding process varies, with integration processes taking as little as 6 weeks. We specialise in numerous sectors, including automotive, fashion and lifestyle, health care and industrial, electronics and retail. We value our customers, which is why we are trusted partners with many respected customers within these sectors to complete these services. We align our product portfolio to these requirements and follow a continuous improvement approach to benefit your business.

We have proven enhanced logistics with a continuously improving IT infrastructure offering you optimum flexibility and transparency without the need to adapt your systems. We adapt our services to your process and enable the ability to work with any selling platform and integrate multiple to give you a seamless view of your stock and orders creating a streamlined experience for you and your customers.  We also provide bespoke services for each of our customers and have the capability to pack your products in any way you want, we can even create the packaging for you.

If you would like to get in touch email us at: addingvalue@elanders.com