IT Life Cycle Management: Environmental and financial benefits

IT Life Cycle Management: Environmental and financial benefits

Did you know 1.8 tonnes of raw materials, chemicals and energy are used in the process of making one laptop? It’s crazy because we almost all use them for work, as well as leisure, you may be reading this post on a laptop right now. But it doesn’t just stop at laptops, all IT equipment from phones and iPad’s to desktop computers play a huge role in the fastest growing waste stream in the EU. E-Waste.

But what do you do with them once they get old, slow and tired?

Assuring that your business is managing its IT life cycle can have both environmental and financial benefits on your business in the long run. By recycling IT you can reduce the consumption of untouched raw materials, therefore reducing: energy usage, air pollution, and water pollution.

Most businesses just send their used technology to get recycled and that’s the end of it… which is great for the environment, but they are essentially giving away money. Elanders IT Life cycle Management is an easy and sustainable way to recycle your IT assets whilst obtaining financial gain. It’s a win-win for your business really!

We’re dedicated to doing our bit to make the world greener and more sustainable which is why we have outlined a few key points for you to understand our IT Life Cycle Management processes:

  • For any client assets, labels and other forms of identification would be removed so there is no traceability back to the client.
  • Assets are broken down and screened to aid the final downstream recycling process and aid the reuse of raw materials. We provide a fully secure as well as an environmentally sustainable solution and 100% reuse policy.
  • Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes (HWCN) and Certificates of Secure Disposal are provided in accordance with the WEEE Regulation.
  • An out-turn report showing a breakdown of core elements – plastics, metals, glass, copper etc can be provided.
  • We enforce a strict 0 to landfill policy so nothing that is collected from the client would reach landfill and every component will be put back into circulation whether that is to be reused or refined for repurposing.