Brexit Services

Brexit has had a considerable impact on supply chain operations since new trade restrictions between the UK and EU have been applied.  

The Elanders Group operates worldwide with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, so we’re in a strong position to help your business stay connected following Brexit.

How we can help

Whether you’re a UK company trading in the EU or an EU business trading in the UK, managing the latest Brexit pains is hard work and sometimes too far out of reach to do alone. Elanders is here to help.

  • Elanders can offer a wide range of warehousing and customs services at various sites throughout the UK and EU through it’s own entities.
  • Guarantee short lead times to customers by having inventory stored at a UK and/or EU warehouse where Elanders offers next day services for parcels and pallets to almost all regions.
  • Save on export costs for your returns from eCommerce sales in the UK and EU by allowing Elanders to consolidate shipments to your central warehouse in the UK and/or EU and creating single rather than multiple customs declarations.
  • Concentrate on your customers by letting Elanders and its partners offer customs consultation services, customs clearance, and export documentation services to enable you to continue trading in the UK and EU as in the past.

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