Custom Swing Tags

Whether its artisan, luxurious, simple, or a whole new style... we provide custom swing tags for everything!

Don’t leave the value of your brand at risk of being weakened by poor printing results. The premium quality of our swing tags adds an element of luxury to your brand’s packaging design, introducing an engaging response to your product, and captivating the consumer to want to know more.


The luxurious quality of our bespoke packaging adds a valuable feel to your brand. The more attractive and catchy your packaging appears the more interested a consumer will be to engage with your product.

We understand that our clients need their printed packaging to catch the eye. We don’t stop at average or ‘good enough’, so we continuously invest in our design team, production, and finishing equipment to ensure we offer best in class solutions.

When it comes to the toughest challenges, we’re assured we have the ability to support each packaging printing job with individual requirements as exclusive as every client. Take a glimpse at some of our outstanding work and we’re sure you’ll agree that we have your packaging covered.

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