The Elanders Group

The Elanders Group are a global provider of integrated supply chain and premium print / packaging solutions.

LGI - Supply Chain

LGI Logistics Group is a provider of industry-specific logistics solutions. LGI works with well-known customers from the automotive, electronics, fashion & lifestyle, health care & life science, and industrial sectors.

Mentor Media

Mentor Media is a leading supply chain provider that delivers value-add solutions to meet the requirements of the new global economic structure.

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The Group has over 6,000 employees in some 20 countries on four continents and annual net sales of over EUR 1 billion. Our most important markets are China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, and the USA. Our major customers are active in the areas Automotive, Electronics, Fashion & Lifestyle, Health Care & Life Science and Industrial.

Elanders helps its customers to more efficiently manage their entire supply chain, everything from raw materials to the product itself. By optimizing customers’ material and component flows, Elanders actively helps its customers to reduce their environmental impact and thus contributes to a more sustainable society. Elanders can take a global total responsibility for the entire supply chain, including procurement, warehousing, configuration, production and distribution. Our offer also includes order management, payment solutions and, after sales services for our customers.









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