eCommerce Packaging solutions for Premium Spirits

Packaging Case Studies

The transition to eCommerce across all sectors including Premium Spirits has accelerated massively during the Covid 19 global pandemic. Traditional premium spirits packaging solutions which were originally designed to create a stand out brand impact on a retail shelf are now being bought online and shipped globally. This means repackaging or adding additional packaging to safeguard the product which takes time, adds cost, creates waste, diminishes the brand impact and integrity as there is no ‘designed for purpose’ eCommerce packaging solution available as a standard…….until now.


_Ecompack (1)

Elanders have developed a unique solution to this challenge which offers the following benefits :

  • Reduced cost
  • Sustainable – produced in a carbon neutral facility
  • Protects the product without requiring additional packaging materials
  • Maintains brand impact and integrity
  • Allows consistency through all eCommerce channels
  • Bespoke or even personalised individually if required

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