Collaboration is key at Supply Chain Leaders Exchange

Collaboration is key at Supply Chain Leaders Exchange


Over the last 12 months, we have partnered with Retail Hive, a senior network where digital retail leaders connect, exchange, learn and thrive.

The Retail Hive specialises in retail, ecommerce and multichannel and aims to bring senior retailers together to soundboard, ask questions, benchmark and collaborate as a collective.

As a result, we were recently invited to host two roundtable events at a recent Supply Chain Leaders Exchange in London.

The two-day event played host to a number of retailers and brands who came together to network and share ideas and offer support on a number of topical issues.

Senior members from Elanders UK attended including our managing director, Kevin Rogers, supply chain management, Gavin Rothfusz and representing Elanders Group, from our sister company in New Jersey, Bergen Logistics, was business development manager, Robert Ulatowski.

Gavin, said: “As host of two roundtables, topics of discussion focused on automation and the talent crunch. From our perspective, it was very interesting to hear the thoughts from participants, their opinions and how their organisations are remaining resilient in an ever-changing market.

“Cross border e-commerce was explored as well as looking at the best ways to support businesses with their growth. Other key takeaways from the event focused on Brexit and its impact on UK brands, particularly when it comes to customs charges and increased shipping costs.

“The concerns that many voiced were reflected in a recent article by Internet Retailing magazine in which delivery software provider, Scurri, questioned 500 retailers across the UK on what the main challenges of Brexit were, over one year on, and on how they are recovering from supply chain issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic. In all, 80% said they were experiencing some kind of challenge in their operations.

“This was very much reflected within the roundtable with substantive changes for exporters. Many of whom voiced concern about supply chain difficulties, extra paperwork and a lack of customs experts who understand what is exactly required.

“Many more topics were discussed including Northern Ireland and its trade rules following Brexit and addressing the skills gap. As host of the roundtables it was interesting to gain an insight into how other organisations are thinking and to share advice.

“We also enjoyed a number of one-to-one meetings with executives from top UK brands and retailers. We are now very much looking forward to the next in-person event and to forging strong relationships with all involved.”