Connected Packaging

How can connected packaging help your business?

What is connected packaging?

Connected packaging gives businesses like yours an opportunity to extend your product experience. It gives you the ability to transform regular packaging into a digital experience by adding interactive touchpoints that a consumer can access using their digital devices. This extends consumer interactions beyond your product. Whether this is to establish product and supply chain transparency, share your brand’s story or increase your consumer engagement. It can help build stronger relationships between your brand and consumers. The purpose of connected packaging is to share relevant and useful information that caters to individuals who use mobile and can activate their packaging with a scan or tap on their smartphones.

Why should your business use connected packaging?

Consumer behaviour is constantly changing and evolving as the digital world becomes more advanced and relied on by consumers and businesses. With the majority of mobile devices now able to scan and interact with technologies such as QR codes and NFC (near-field communication), it has never been easier to connect with your consumers. Using these effective call-to-actions is a new way to communicate your business’s story, values and build customer loyalty in a fun and creative way. Not only can these digital experiences drive more people to your website they can also generate more brand awareness on social and traditional media. This gets consumers to engage with your brand on social media in which a consumer can view, like and publish reviews on your page while also getting a better understanding of your online presence.

Connected packaging also gives you the ability to stand out from your competitor. By improving your brand image and reputation you are influencing more consumers to view your packaging driving more sales, repeated purchases and leads. It is also an effortless way to collect feedback as you are accommodating for the vast majority of consumers who use a mobile device. This provides an efficient process reducing effort from their end, leading to a higher level of satisfaction.

The benefits of connected packaging can hugely increase your business’s consumer experience and maintain consumer retention, allowing your brand to grow and become more recognised on the market.

How can Elanders help with connected packaging?

At Elanders, when it comes to meeting the toughest challenges, we are confident we have what it takes to manage each packaging printing job. We take time to understand the unique needs of every client’s challenge to produce distinctive premium packaging solutions that customers can connect with instantly. Introducing connected packaging will help get your brand noticed and Elanders is here to help.

Our dedicated packaging site is located in Bellshill, Scotland and specialises in all types of eco-friendly packaging. With our state of the art print technology and digital printing processes we can print individual text and images on every printed page without having to stop the printers, meaning lower costs and fast turnarounds for you!

We work with a range of brands and retailers to provide innovative solutions. However, it doesn’t just stop at providing you with premium packaging solutions, we will support you through your journey with integrated supply chain solutions to ensure your experience with us is straightforward and frictionless.

In previous projects, Elanders UK was tasked with the print and creation of packaging which involved getting the colour quality accurate and die cutting the various elements within the packaging to make sure the product sat securely inside. Sticking to a tight deadline we produced excellent quality packaging that was robust and secure.


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