Bergen Logistics UK - Newcastle Fulfilment Services

Elanders UK is part of the Elanders Group which offers a broad range of global supply chain services and custom packaging and printing solutions.

Bergen Logistics UK Fulfilment Warehouse

Expand your customers reach with Elanders UK & Bergen Logistics

When you outsource fulfilment to Elanders, you can save time and money while improving your bottom line.

We offer an international fulfilment network, expertise, best-in-class technology and premium customer support, so you can worry less about logistics and more on creating a great customer experience

With Elanders & Bergen Logistics, you still maintain control over your supply chain. Unlike other 3PLs, Elanders proprietary technology comes with built-in order and inventory management tools that make it easy to track inventory in real-time, plus gather insights on fulfilment performance and shipping.

“Any successful E-Commerce brand considers fulfillment as one of their core competencies. We learned the hard way what can happen when you don’t have a good fulfillment partner. Since making the switch to Bergen, our team has been able to focus on the important tasks that will help our business grow and our customer satisfaction has significantly improved thanks to their timely fulfillment. We could not have found a better home!”  – Suitshop (