Custom Packaging is it worth the attention?


What is Custom packaging?

Custom or personalised packaging can help you tailor your product or packaging to represent your company uniquely. It gives your business the ability to communicate your brand values, statements and any important information that needs to be showcased to customers. It can also be an integral part of providing your product with extra protection, preventing it from damage in transit or falls.

How can it help your business?

Increase customer satisfaction

Custom packaging allows you to build relationships with customers as they experience unboxing products from your business for the first time. Innovative packaging showcases your brand’s personality and increases the value of your products as customers may buy your product for the experience of unboxing it. It is also an easy way to generate brand recognition and has a huge influence on customers purchasing decisions, having a unique package design makes it easier to gain new customers while retaining old ones.

Build Brand Awareness

Use packaging that shows customers you understand their needs and interests, by enhancing their experience it will make them feel more appreciated. Social media also has a huge impact on the chances of a product becoming viral, creating unique packaging will help you get your brand noticed and build brand awareness.

Product protection

Custom packaging can also massively help to securely keep a product in place and protect products. This will not only mean the product is safe in transit and being stored, but it will improve customer satisfaction as there will be fewer products that are received damaged or broken

How can Elanders help?

At Elanders we understand how important it is to create packaging that fully showcases your brand’s personality and achieves exclusivity in the market. With our printing and packaging solutions, we can set you apart from your competitors and help create unique and tailored packaging that you would like to share with others.

Elanders can produce personalised, luxurious and environmentally friendly packaging designed to complement your brand. We are confident that we can handle any printing and packaging job given to us and match the toughest challenges. Our ability to produce eco-friendly packaging will not only be more cost-effective but bring more attention to the eyes of loyal customers as well as potential customers.

We also specialise in all types of printing and packaging from subscription boxes to tube wraps meaning the opportunities for your business are endless! We provide the best benefits for the packaging of your products and work closely with your business to create personalised packaging that can hold your product safe and secure. It doesn’t just stop there! We can also print and package your items for you, to find out more on how Elanders can help your business contact us at