Elanders UK Is The First To Bring New, Eco Friendly Printer Investment To The UK

Elanders UK Is The First To Bring New, Eco Friendly Printer Investment To The UK


A global print, packaging and supply chain management specialist is the first in the UK to invest in a new, premium inkjet printer, offering its customers an eco-friendly solution with increased flexibility, automated workflow and a lower cost of production.

Elanders UK, which specialises in supporting customers with efficiency, deliveries and sustainability, has partnered with Canon to add two premium printers to its offering, allowing customers an array of benefits including a quicker turnaround and personalisation.The cutsheet Canon varioPrint iX3200 and the continuous feed Canon ColorStream 8160 has productivity rates of 93% and is the most eco-friendly digital press on the market.

Richard Prewitt, Business Development Manager at Elanders UK, said: “We’re incredibly excited to launch the new Canon presses to our customers. Not only does it provide them with greater flexibility when it comes to order numbers and timings, they’re also reassured that it’s a more sustainable choice, due to the inbuilt power consumption savings.

“The future of printing is digital and our investment stands up against our litho printers in terms of quality and runs. The automated workflow and overall new technology will help us save valuable time, energy and limit wastage in comparison to more traditional printing methods, plus with the flexibility gives customers more choice in what they want, and when they want it.”

Stuart Rising, Head of Commercial Print for Commercial Printing at Canon UK, said: “This is another major growth plan for Canon and will equate to billions of feet saved through Canon inkjet printers.

“Elander’s CS8160 is the first to be installed in the UK, this model is positioned to replace offset presses as the Litho run lengths become smaller. Customers’ expectations for a quicker turnaround and personalisation can then also be added to improve the experience. We’re delighted to work in partnership with Elanders UK.”


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