Reverse Logistics

Innovative solutions for streamlining your Reverse Logistics process.

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Let us handle your reverse logistics process.

The most beneficial Reverse Logistics system requires a 3PL partner that can create value and manage changes within a business.

Our robust and accessible system makes product returns seamless and straightforward allowing all of your customer’s orders to be taken back to our warehouses and stored until they need to be picked and packed again by our team. We can keep your management process in sync and continue the efficiency of your supply chain operations.

Our intelligent WMS (warehouse management system) can integrate with many platforms which will allow you to deal with regular customer returns and provide a seamless returns process. Using a reverse logistics process means we can manage everything under one system, allowing any unsuccessful deliveries to be brought back to our fulfilment facilities to be stored and redistributed again.

At Elanders we tailor our solutions to your business’s needs and can manage all of your supply chain processes and product returns. This will reduce the cost associated with the transportation and storage of your products, allowing you to retain the value of your business and continue a stream of income.

We also range in all sorts of reverse logistics solutions ranging from generic customer returns to recycling, we can also take care of selling and recovering IT assets.

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