Sourcing & Procurement

Sit back and leave the contract logistics to us.

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Putting the supply in Supply Chain Management

Sourcing and procurement are an essential part of effective supply chain management.

By leveraging Elanders’ expertise, global network, technology, and customised solutions, businesses can benefit from efficient sourcing and procurement processes, cost savings, risk mitigation, and improved supply chain visibility.

Elanders’ comprehensive range of services allows businesses to streamline their supply chain operations and focus on their core competencies while leaving the sourcing and procurement tasks in capable hands.

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Power in partnerships

Elanders partners with clients at the strategic, tactical and operational level to provide a combined sourcing and procurement process that can be deployed regionally or from major points of manufacturing and distribution. This enables businesses to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage by minimising excessive or unnecessary expenditures by providing goods and services in a timely and efficient manner.

Our cross functional collaboration with clients and suppliers will produce an effective sourcing strategy that results in substantial cost savings while also achieving lean manufacturing or inventory management goals.

Our global economy mandates that intelligent global sourcing and product postponement processes are an absolute necessity. Elanders is a proven partner to clients across multiple industry sectors in delivering materials, components, packaging and final manufacturing services through its procurement solutions.

Sourcing & Procurement services include:

  • Purchasing
  • Order Handling
  • Quality Check
  • Negotiation & Contracting
  • Supplier Relationship Management

Case Study


A leading heating and hot water products manufacturer selected Elanders as it’s fulfilment partner to streamline it’s sourcing, procurement & packing needs. Packs were being processed initially by the manufacturer but due to growth there was a need to outsource to meet the demand requirements of their customers


Elanders engineered consistent and effective purchasing of the manufacturers components from all across the globe with different lead time and packing requirements from each SKU line.

Each individual order is packed to the customers requirements and stock is purchased, stored and managed to ensure there is always inventory available to meet their demand.


Elanders have maintained a strong relationship of more than 15 years resulting in the customer seeing the following results:

  • Saving on requirement for internal warehouse space
  • Improved customer cash flow
  • Stress-free outsourcing the logistic complexities to Elanders
  • Enhanced end-market service levels through greater reliability
  • Dedicated account manager for customer support and transparency

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