Sustainability at Elanders

What is a Sustainable Supply Chain?

Integrating sustainable efforts into your business processes is an effective way to attract customers and help protect the ecosystem. A sustainable supply chain involves implementing policies and processes that aim to create a positive environmental, social, and economic impact across all supply chain operations. By adopting environmentally responsible practices and end-to-end supply chain transparency and visibility from your provider, you can meet the demands of today’s market.

Sustainability at Elanders

Elanders recognises sustainability as both a responsibility and a business opportunity that can generate value and improve profitability. The logistics sector of Elanders plays a vital role in meeting international climate and environmental targets. This necessitates the robust and comprehensive solutions needed to address these challenges and facilitate the transition towards a greener environment.

We are committed to reducing our climate impact through the operations and solutions we offer to our customers. Elanders has set both short-term and long-term targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated within the group. Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by our FSC® certification (FSC-C006032), which signifies that we source our paper from carefully managed FSC®- certified forests to ensure minimal harm. Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by our certifications, which signify compliance with the highest social and environmental standards in the market.

Eco-friendly Packaging

As specialists in eco-friendly packaging, we collaborate with a diverse range of brands, including whisky and spirit brands, beauty and lifestyle brands, and e-commerce retailers, to provide innovative sustainable packaging solutions. While it may be challenging to reduce paper waste due to the specific sheet size and trimming requirements for each job, our print and packaging solutions ensure that any wastepaper is collected by a waste collection company for 100% recycling. Our plate-making processes are also chemistry-free, consuming minimal water, and our presses use renewable vegetable inks that are easily recycled. Additionally, the plastic wrap we use is 100% recyclable, aligning with our ISO14001 commitment. Most of our pallets are also recycled whenever possible.

Reverse Logistics

We offer a returns logistics process that organises and restocks products returned by sellers in our warehouses. These returned products can be recycled, refurbished, resold, or donated, providing an eco-friendly and sustainable disposal method. By implementing sustainable practices, your business can attract more customers. Demonstrating a commitment to environmental issues by recycling and reusing parts of your products entices customers to choose your business, as an increasing number of consumers seek actively green companies to purchase from. For more information on this click here.


Elanders Group handles approximately 30,000 units, such as computers and printers, for disposal each year. All data from computers is erased using certified software, and parts designated for destruction are sent for recycling. Additionally, we recycle our paper and cardboard, and efforts are being made to increase the amount of waste that we recycle, as evidenced by our FSC® and ISO 14001 certifications.


To reduce our carbon footprint, we have invested in less carbon-intensive transportation solutions. This includes the use of low-emission electric trucks with an operating range of 130 kilometres when fully charged. Furthermore, our strategically located warehouse facilities across the globe enable us to distribute and relocate inventory to optimised locations for efficient delivery, thereby reducing fuel usage.

Energy use in our Warehouses

We strive to power our factories and offices with electricity from renewable sources. Our newly operational 48,000 sq. ft Bergen Logistics building in North Tyneside exemplifies this commitment by incorporating solar panels. These panels contribute to a greener energy system that minimises negative environmental impact. Moreover, we also have LED lighting with occupancy detection and light level harvesting in our warehouses to minimise electricity consumption.

Elanders from an ESG Perspective

Elanders has chosen to structure both its sustainability work and reporting based on an ESG perspective. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance. Elanders believes by using this perspective, it will help to clarify the communication and information given to the different stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, personnel and shareholders.